Children Led a Research Project, Painting Eyes on Cow Butts, and Whether to Rinse Your Recycling

Learn about how children led their own research project into what they really think of adults, how painting eyes on cow butts could help solve a wildlife conservation problem, and whether it’s a good idea to rinse out your recycling.

Children led a research project into what they really think of adults by Kelsey Donk

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Painting eyes on cow butts may help solve a key wildlife conservation problem by Cameron Duke

Is it wasteful to rinse out recycling? by Ashley Hamer (Listener question from Lydia)

  • Recycling can be confusing, and many different cities do it in many different ways. So when in doubt, check the website of your local recycling program. It’ll tell you exactly what to do to get your recyclables recycled. Thanks for your question, Lydia! If you have a question, send it into podcast at curiosity dot com, or leave us a voicemail at 312-596-5208.
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