Do Masks Prevent Coronavirus, How Tuvan Throat Singers Sing Two Notes at Once, and Predicting Viral Content by Measuring Brain Activity

Learn about how scientists are predicting viral content by measuring people’s brain activity; how Tuvan throat singers are able to produce two notes at once; and how effective facemasks are in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

How our brains forecast what goes viral online by Kelsey Donk

  • Stanford researchers find our brains are powerful – but secretive – forecasters of video virality. (2020, March 9). Stanford.Edu. 
  • Tong, L. C., Acikalin, M. Y., Genevsky, A., Shiv, B., & Knutson, B. (2020). Brain activity forecasts video engagement in an internet attention market. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117(12), 6936–6941. 

How does Tuvan Throat singing work? by Cameron Duke

How effective are masks for preventing Coronavirus by Ashley Hamer (Listener question from Likhit)

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Winner, Best Science & Medical Podcast, 2021 Publisher Podcast Awards

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