Simple Wildlife Solutions, Sunlight’s Sexy Hormones, Trivia

Learn about simple solutions for resolving human-wildlife conflict; and how exposure to sunlight can increase romance. Plus: Trivia!

More from “America’s funniest science writer” Mary Roach:

Exposure to sunlight releases sexy hormones, leading to more romantic passion by Grant Currin

  • Exposure to sunlight enhances romantic passion in humans. (2021, August 25). EurekAlert! 
  • Parikh, R., Sorek, E., Parikh, S., Michael, K., Bikovski, L., Tshori, S., Shefer, G., Mingelgreen, S., Zornitzki, T., Knobler, H., Chodick, G., Mardamshina, M., Boonman, A., Kronfeld-Schor, N., Bar-Joseph, H., Ben-Yosef, D., Amir, H., Pavlovsky, M., Matz, H., & Ben-Dov, T. (2021). Skin exposure to UVB light induces a skin-brain-gonad axis and sexual behavior. Cell Reports, 36(8), 109579. 

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Winner, Best Science & Medical Podcast, 2021 Publisher Podcast Awards

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