Yeah, About That Phosphine on Venus…

Learn about the surprising memory skills of infants; why that whole “phosphine on Venus” discovery may not be as exciting as we thought; and how medical science answered Molyneux’s problem, a 300-year-old philosophy question. 

3-year-olds can recognize a person they met once when they were 1 year old by Kelsey Donk

That whole “phosphine on Venus” discovery, suggesting life? That probably wasn’t phosphine after all by Cameron Duke

  • Lincowski, A. P., Meadows, V. S., Crisp, D., Akins, A. B., Schwieterman, E. W., Arney, Giada N, Wong, M. L., Steffes, P. G., Niki, P. M., & Domagal-Goldman, S. (2021). Claimed detection of PH$_3$ in the clouds of Venus is consistent with mesospheric SO$_2$. 

Medical Science Has Answered This 300-Year-Old Philosophy Question by Reuben Westmaas

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Winner, Best Science & Medical Podcast, 2021 Publisher Podcast Awards

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